../..°..’N..°..’E/…2011 – Berlin




The spectator is invited to take a « first step » in our program of sites specific & context responsive choreography : 6 /..°..’ N. .°..’ E/….2011 (title : number of people working in / latitude & longitude of the site / date of the presentation) in Eden***** / Berlin.

Launched as a one-shot « public open doors » after our 5-weeks residency working with/in the Eden***** Studios in Berlin and before our take-off for our « premiere » in Finland, this event will be proposed as an installation which will « reveal » the studio of our rehearsals, at the same time « loaded » with the material traces (constructions, projections, tracks) that we have overlapped here but also inevitably emptied of their embodiments at the moment of our guest’s visit. Both showed “for what it is » or « it has been », that is to say, a place of trials and desires and also “inhabited/shaped” according to its specific toponymy – the Eden – rich in promises of metaphorical abuses.

The true paradises are the paradises we have lost. Marcel Proust

With (the deferred prensences of) Satu Rekola, Anne Pajunen, Katariina Karlsson & Jarkko Lehmus

Supported by: Arts Council of Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kuopio Dance Festival, Fullmoon Dance festival and le vrac.