Pengerkatu 7 – Työhuone (Massage & Beauty) is a soft, intimate, discipline-fluid, hybrid, new kind of project-space in the center of Helsinki, convened by artists and researchers Simo Kellokumpu and Vincent Roumagnac. Työhuone proposes contemporary art, artistic research, professional massage, and seasonal ikebana workshops. Operating from a dramaturgy of treat, Työhuone hosts invite their visitors to book their private visit beforehand through their online booking-system. The programmed events (free) and massage therapy reception/ikebana-workshops (paid) are facilitated regarding the current sanitary instructions.

  • Massage: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 14:00 – 19:00
  • Art: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 14:00 – 19:00
  • Research: Publications online (so far, due to Covid 19 global situation) and CELLA Series
  • Ikebana: On Sunday afternoons from April to October

Images: Työhuone Massage (left) / Selfless Cruelty, Laura Gozlan, Installation view, Nov. 20 (right)