Pengerkatu 7 – Työhuone (Massage & Beauty) is a soft, intimate, polymorphic and polyphonic, hyperconnected, hybrid, new kind of art-among-other-things space in the center of Helsinki, convened by artists and researchers Simo Kellokumpu and Vincent Roumagnac. Työhuone proposes contemporary art, artistic research, professional massage, and seasonal ikebana workshops. Operating from a dramaturgy of treat, Työhuone hosts invite their visitors to book their private visit beforehand through their online booking-system. The programmed events (free) and massage therapy reception/ikebana-workshops (paid) are facilitated regarding the current sanitary instructions.

Pengerkatu 7 Työhuone is supported by Helsingin Kaupunki/Helsinki City
Image: Työhuone Massage (left) / Selfless Cruelty, Laura Gozlan, Installation view, Nov. 20 (right)