Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) workshops take place on Sunday afternoons from May to September.

PORTFOLIO Ikebana Seasons 1&2

“From May to September, in Helsinki, on Sunday afternoons, I propose three-hour Ikebana workshops for beginners, for 1-2 participants at a time. During the three hours, we go through a short historical and technical introduction to the Seika style, which has been taught to me in Japan by Ikebana -masters and -lovers over the past ten years. After the introduction, I guide and help the participants in the realization of an arrangement based on the introductory historical and technical data, and the flower material at hand, which is provided for the workshop. Having grown up in a family of professional gardeners, tree growers, and florists, I have developed knowledge of floral techniques while working in my youth in the family-run company. I have continuously practiced ikebana as an advanced non-professional for ten years, after studying it in Tokyo. I am happy to share the ikebana-experience through a soft, easy, playful session with participants of the workshop.” Vincent Roumagnac

Fee: 50e / 40e students & unemployed (I supply all of the materials, including all florals, kenzan, and containers)
No prior experience required.
The workshop is held in English

/// Private sessions can also be arranged for the ones who are interested but cannot make it on Sundays.