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Kellokumpu & Roumagnac

Choreographer Simo Kellokumpu (Finland) and theatre/visual artist Vincent Roumagnac (France) have collaborated as the artist duo Kellokumpu & Roumagnac since 2010.

Residencies: Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris – 2019), Tokyo Art and Space (2017/2018), O Espaço-do-Tempo (Montemor – 2016), Dance4 (Nottingham – 2014), HIAP/Zodiak (Helsinki – 2013), Aeringur Festival (Rif – 2012)

Simo Kellokumpu is a Finnish (born in Lapland) choreographer and researcher based in Helsinki. He received his DfA (Doctor of Arts) in 2019 from the Performing Arts Research Centre, Theatre Academy Helsinki. His artistic works examine the choreographic relations between corporeality and materiality in various scales and contexts. His work operates in the entanglement of contemporary speculative fiction, interplanetary culture, and queer(ing) space.

Vincent Roumagnac is a French-Basque artist who lives and works in Finland and France. His work materializes through multiple forms such as installations, performances, and videoscenic works. Roumagnac is interested in the way the notion and the practice of the “stage” mutate according to the change of climatic and technological conditions. He is also involved in investigative and transdisciplinary processes that challenge the connections between art and research. He is currently conducting a doctorate (DfA) in artistic research at the Performing Arts Research Centre of the University of the Arts of Helsinki on “Reacclimating the Stage (Skenomorphoses)” (2015 – 2020).